Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So...we moved to Brooklyn!

Since we last met...back in DC, we've since moved to the magical world of New York City! Can you believe it?!??! Finally, I say. We have actually moved to Williamsburg in Brooklyn and absolutely love it. This city is like no other, it's just brimming with energy, talent seeping at its edges, and raw.

Sadly, we could not bring our friends along...despite begging.

More to come...just a small update for now. Lots on the horizon just waiting to be blogged about.......oh and TONS of wedding plans!!!! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

North Face Endurance Challenge

You see, the blog really isn't a beer blog...just a blog of all things. This past Sunday my friends and I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge, some did the 10k and the rest of us did the half marathon. Funnily enough, I opted for the half marathon. Somewhere in all this I sort of forgot it was a trail run. I'm not a trail runner!! Whoops. I have to say, it was one of the most challenging runs I've done and yes I hated it at the time, "I'll never sign up for this again" but it was so worth it in hindsight. Pretty much the same thing I say to myself after every marathon, half marathon, triathlon, 10k, or work out.

The scenery was beautiful (at least when I bothered looking up from the ground), the stations were solid and the organisation of it was pretty good apart from the out and back course, as well as the single track portions of the trail. I've never been a fan of going back on myself, it's psychologically damning.


Needless to say, I believe I was   last of our little crew but hey it's lit a fire to get more focused on daily work outs, nutrition and overall endurance. We have the DC Tri coming up next weekend, on the 19th, so need to hit the bricks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Why Full Sail Session Rocks

Ashley's Standard love

I Really Love Beer

Last night we hung out at Standard here in DC. It's probably one of the best beer gardens we have, and definitely has that BK-Williamsburg vibe...although you must forgive the ridiculously large number of yuppies that hang out there.Bleh!

Full Sail Session Lagers - YUM!
At Standard they primarily serve German beers per the beer garden tradition, however, they've now introduced my dearest and most loved beer (outside of Australia's Victory Bitter) Full Sail Session Lager and Black Lager. It's literally America's best beer and hails from Oregon. Seriously, it's awesome. It's not a traditional lager by American terms, as its full-bodied, flavourful and comes in my personal favourite bottle form - the stubby (see right).

Anyway, I went a bit south of my story. So, last night we're at the beer garden for most of the evening, I'm drinking my Session Lager and literally a woman from the Full Sail Brewery comes over to our table and asks if we like the beer. I obviously, as talker and a beer lover, exclaim "It's the best!". Dana gives me her card, with introductions and told me to write her an email today for some free stuff (I secretly hope this means she's going to send me a case). Just one more reason to love them! But, that wasn't even the highlight. She then introduced us to their Head Brewer!!!! An awesome evening took a serious turn for The MOST AWESOME EVENING! Of course hanging out with my girl, Dan and Jessi the original awesome evening. :)

They're in town for Savour, so if you get a chance to hit up the beer tasting fest, I would definitely recommend giving Session a try. I think you'll be happy with what you find. And hey, if you hate it, send the beers my way as I'm happy to take them off your hands because, hey, I really love beer.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going Meatless...sort of

For the month of June I am jumping on my friend Celia's bandwagon and the GOOD challenge . I am embarking on the long and possibly painful journey of going meat free. The words themselves are very foreign to my ears, let alone my lips! How will I survive 30 long days without meat you say? I have no clue!!

I'm setting my bar on the lower side, I'm allowing myself shrimp and a few cheat days. I'm allowing myself 1 day per week to have 1 meat meal. That meat can only be lean chicken or pork, but zero beef. I get that this is not exactly going vegetarian, but it is challenging me to make an effort to eat less meat and be more conscious of the environment around me. Do I need to eat steak a few times a week? Ummm...no..I think?! :)

I haven't set this blog up to write about my eating habits, but I will be highlighting how the weeks go. I think that cutting meat out of my diet slowly or at least trimming down my intake will inevitably make me a better runner and thus a better triathlete, and maybe an even better human.

Who knows, and welcome to Diggery Doo.

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